Is Energetic Healing Real?

Is Energetic Healing Real?

What is Energetic Healing

In order to discover whether Energetic healing is real we first need to define what processes are described as energetic. There are a lot of alternative healing therapies available. Most of these therapies rely upon the transference of energy or information with the intention of facilitating healing. Some familiar types of energetic healing are Reiki, Biosenetics™, prayer, NES. laying on of hands and the simple mother’s touch.  However, it could also be said that talk therapy is also a form of energetic healing because there is no physical or chemical intervention.

Energetic Healing is the Transference of Energy and Information

When we speak to a counsellor or a trusted family member there is generally an obvious transference of words or information. However, there is a deeper underlaying transference of an energy that cannot always be described. Sometimes we feel healing love being transferred with the words. Other times the energy of anger is being transmitted with the words.  The same is true of physical actions they come with an underlying energy. Humans are energy some would say electrical energy and we are constantly transferring, sending and receive energy from the environment around us.

Energy is Everywhere

Energy of NatureHealing energy can be found in nature, by the ocean, in the presence of certain people or in certain places.  The more harmonious the energy the more the healing potential. Sensitive individuals can walk into a room and sense the energy of the room.  Sometimes, this is called the mood of the room. Most physicists now agree that everything is energy, and that energy is information. It is the content or quality of the energy that dictates the shape or form of the energy.

Healers by virtue of Spiritual Evolution or Training are Energetic Healers

Some individuals by the nature of their training or spiritual evolution have a greater capacity than others to transmit energy and information to those around them. These individuals transmit the deficient energy or information that is required for an individual to heal. Healers have greater access to the universal energy field that surrounds us all. If a healer were to use their own energy they would soon be depleted and in need of healing themselves.

What is the felt Sensation during Energetic Healing?

Some people say that if you cannot see something then it is not real. However, we cannot see the electricity that powers our electricalEnergetic Healing appliances, nor can we see the Wi-Fi that constantly surrounds us. These unseen energies are taken as real even though they are unseen.  We validate their existence because of what they do for use.  It is the same for energy healing, the energy transference generally cannot be seen but the evidence of its presence can be observed or felt.

Some individuals feel the sensation of heat, cold, pulsing or tingling when exposed to energetic healing. Others feel little at all; however, the evidence is the result.  Clients I have worked with generally have an emotional release during their session or sometimes a cessation of pain.  Emotional healing is one of the most powerful effects of energy healing. Most individuals feel more at peace with themselves at the end of their healing session.

What is the Purpose of Energetic Healing?

The ultimate purpose of energetic healing is to facilitate an individual to become whole and at peace. This often requires replacing the chaotic and hurtful energies within the individual that diminishes who they are.  As stated above Energetic Healing is the transference of the information. We are Beings of unconditional love who live in a polar world where we must confront our shadow potential of everything that is not love.  Wholeness means that we can embody both dark and light but choose which we act upon. (read more about unconditional love here)

In my previous blog articles, I discuss the energetic transference of energy and information.  Check out Soul Re-alignment, Akashic Records Reading and Spiritual Reading. Three is an old saying “We are what we eat” in other words the energy of the food we eat defines the quality of our physical energy.  The same is also true with regards to all energy in a broader sense. We become the energetic environment that we surround ourselves with. Choose wisely!

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