Akashic records

Akashic Records

Breaking the Cycle: Why Am I Stuck in Repeating Negative Patterns?

Do you ever feel trapped in a cycle of repeating scenarios? Are you facing the same challenges with relationships, health, and negative circumstances, over and over again? This can be particularly vexing if you’re spiritually attuned and aware that somehow, you are the architect of these patterns, yet you find yourself puzzled about the reasons or the mechanisms behind them.

Rediscovering Your Purpose: Navigating the Soul’s Accumulated Baggage

Your soul has embarked on a long and intricate journey, collecting various burdens from this life and others. As we navigate the complex paths of existence, it’s easy to lose sight of our true selves and the original purpose that brought us here. Existing in such a state can evoke feelings of being lost, misunderstood, or disconnected from both yourself and those around you.

Unlock Your Soul’s Potential: Book Your Transformation Session Today

Are you ready to release the burdens of your soul’s journey and rediscover your true self? Our sessions illuminate your spirit’s path, offering clarity and purpose for both adults and children. If you’re feeling lost, misunderstood, or disconnected, let us guide you towards transformation and healing. Shed the past and embrace a brighter future—book your session now and reconnect with your soul’s deepest intentions.

Unlock transformative Soul Level Healing with an Akashic Records and Soul Realignment reading. Start embracing your divinity today

What’s Included in Your Soul Realignment/Akashic Records Reading:

You can see from the list below that you will embark on a spiritual odyssey that traverses the rich, multicultural spectrum of Earth and extends into the cosmos. Every soul, whether from our world or beyond, is endowed with a unique vibration and distinct traits, gifts, and talents. An Akashic Records Reading coupled with a Soul Realignment Reading unlocks these profound personal mysteries, helping you uncover and leverage your unique abilities. This journey of discovery empowers you to manifest your ideal life and achieve your truest purpose.

During your 60 minute Zoom Consultation wherein you will discover:
How to Order an Akashic Records Reading & Clearing

Other Possible Akashic Records Readings:
please note that an Initial Soul Realignment Reading is a Prerequisite

Property Re-Alignment

We naturally gravitate towards spaces that emit energies akin to our own. However, as we clear our personal energies and evolve, our homes or lands may start to feel misaligned with our new vibrations. It’s often more practical and economical to realign your living space to better suit your highest good, rather than seeking a new one.

I provide a detailed assessment and clearing of your property, addressing elements such as portalways, Leylines, negative thought forms, earthbound souls, and misaligned land assignments (like battlegrounds or sacred sites). Following the clearing, I will send you a comprehensive report.

This realignment will refresh your living environment like a breath of fresh air. Property Re-Alignment is available for any property under your financial care, whether owned or rented. Embrace this transformation to harmonize your space with your evolving spiritual journey.

To further explore how to create a healthy living environment, consider enrolling in my course, “How to Create Your Own Wellness Oasis.” This in-depth journey offers additional insights and practical steps to transform your space into a sanctuary of wellbeing. For more information and to enroll, click here.

Business Reading

Are you facing any of these issues?

  • Stagnant Growth: When a business struggles to expand or experiences plateaus in revenue, a reading might help identify energetic or strategic blockages.
  • Decision-Making Difficulties: Owners facing crucial decisions regarding the direction of their business might seek deeper insights to ensure their choices align with their business’s core purpose and long-term goals.
  • Conflict and Disharmony: Issues among team members or partners can disrupt the workplace environment. A reading might reveal underlying energies contributing to discord and suggest ways to restore harmony.
  • Financial Challenges: Financial difficulties such as cash flow problems, unexplained losses, or inefficient resource allocation can be addressed by identifying deeper issues affecting financial health.
  • Feeling Misaligned with Business Values: Owners who feel that their personal values no longer align with their business operations can benefit from insights on realigning their business practices with their core beliefs.


Like any creation, your business possesses its own consciousness, designed with specific goals in mind. Similar to a Soul-Realignment or Property Reading, a business-focused reading helps you identify and resolve the blocks and restrictions that are preventing your business from achieving its full potential. This process uncovers the underlying issues limiting your business’s expression and guides you toward solutions that can unlock its true capabilities.

Discover Your Soul Specializations, Life Lessons, and Your Connection to Your Higher Self

We each have unique specializations—perhaps you’re a Design Specialist in systems, a pattern maker, or here on a specific assignment. What might your role be? Additionally, explore how connected you are to your Higher Self to aid in your life’s journey. This reading will also help you uncover your primary goals for this lifetime.

Chakra and Energy Systems Analysis

This is a deeper analysis of the specific energy systems that support your existence here in the physical. What blocks and restrictions exists within your chakras and how you can clear them

Relationship Reading

Uncover the deeper reasons behind your connection with a particular person. Explore each other’s strengths and weaknesses and discover how you complement or challenge one another. Delve into what you both aimed to experience and grow from in your relationship. Unlock the secrets to your shared journey and enhance your mutual understanding and growth.

If you are interested in any of these Akashic Records Readings please contact Shamarie. Please be aware that a Soul Re-Alignment Reading is a pre-requisite before Shamarie will consider any of these additional readings.  You are the primary creator in your world, change you first and then it becomes easier to bring everything else into alignment with your intentions.