Spiritual Healing

What is spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing is different than Personal Development though they can have some similarities. Personal development can involve learning a new skill, further education, different employment or perhaps physical development. Whereas Spiritual development underpins all of these activities. Spiritual development is truly and inside job, no one can do it for you, but Shamarie as your Spiritual Healer/Coach/Mentor can assist you along your journey Spiritual Development transcends the barriers of religion. It is built upon the human qualities that are innate in all of us – regardless of our age, sex or culture. These qualities can be observed when you examine the teachings of our “spiritual leaders” throughout history. Some of these qualities are unconditional love, peace, joy, kindness, compassion and humility. These qualities are available to everyone who chooses to develop them within themselves.

What’s the Difference between Spiritual Healing and other forms of Counselling?

Traditional counselling’s theoretical method is focused on the view point of one life only.  It also usually primarily involves talk therapy which engages the conscious mind.  The conscious mind however, is good at becoming aware of a pattern but not particularly good at resolving it. Spiritual counselling focuses on the Spiritual and emotional patterns that are evident in the individual’s life and then looks for the original causative start point.  Whether that was in this life or in another.  Various methods are used to resolve issues from the past and release the dysfunctional spiritual and emotional patterns.

No Matter Where You Live You Can Still Enjoy the Benefits of Spiritual Healing

Shamarie has traditionally work with individuals in person and via Zoom. The current world situation has obviated more Zoom Sessions than in person. Fortunately, the separation of time and space or geographical location does not have to be a barrier to working with Shamarie.  She can be near you wherever you are.  Separation is an illusion. Our Spirit can be in all places and all times, depends where we place our attention and focus. The internet makes it even easier because now not only can you connect with voice you can also connect face to face digitally.

How Will Spiritual Healing Help Me?

  • Help you heal the emotional hurts from the past
  • Develop clarity of mind
  • Discover your life purpose
  • Develop your personal talents and gifts
  • Improve your health, mentally, emotionally and physically
  • Discover your own personal well of love, peace, joy and kindness
  • Gain a greater abundance in your life
  • Improve your interpersonal relationships
  • Resolution of Karmic Incompletions
  • Removal of Entity Interferences
  • Development of emotional strength and balance
  • Re-Discovery of your inner spiritual resources

Shamarie has had over 25 years experience as a Spiritual Healer and is constantly striving for a state of greater enlightenment. As such she has experience many different healing modalities as well as taking the practitioner training in some. Some she has left by the wayside and other she still uses today because of their efficacy. Shamarie also created the healing modality she has named Biosenetics™ Biosenetics™ took many years of experimentation, guidance from spirit and re-remembering her own understanding. Biosenetic™ was first formally introduced to the world in 2001


Perfect health comes from perfect and effortless flow of information between all things. Shamarie initially uses her advanced pattern recognition ability to observe and then to help you harmonizes the relationships and flow of energy between all things big and small so far as they affect your biological health and longevity. The Biosenetics™ process facilitates conversation with your body and your unconscious self, allowing your innate Spirit intelligence to guide every step of the process. Every session is as individual are you are. Biosenetics™ truly does have to be experienced to be fully appreciated. It is easily the most wholistic and advanced human development system currently available on the planet. Biosenetics™ is the product of a highly respected Spiritual Wisdom Keeper.

Shamarie believes that the NES Health System and Biosenetics™ create the perfect partnership given that they have very similar philosophies.

Biosenetics™ is powerful and yet subtle, even if you have experienced many forms of healing and body work you will quickly discover that Biosenetics™ is unique and changes you in ways you never thought possible.

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is something that fascinates many people and they often want a regression just for the experience of it.  This unfortunately will more than likely leave you feeling disappointed.  It is a process that should not be entered into lightly.

Your Past Life Regression session will be more than just mental imagery, it will also be a sensory experience.  The memories and experience of regression are extremely vivid and will leave you with no doubt as to the truth of the memories. More often than not it is a concrete experience rather than a fleeting glimpse of a past life. It is possible to complete a Past Life Regression via Zoom providing your conditions are suitable.

Dreamtime Holographic Kinetics

I am eternally grateful for the skills that Steve Richards taught me in this modality. Steve Richards, founder of Holographic Kinetics is an Australian with Aboriginal ancestry. This modality I mostly use to help you resolve karmic incompletions where in there are entities involved.  Unless I am able to use a surrogate on your behalf or see you in person this is not a modality that I offer via Zoom

Akashic Records Reading – Soul Realignment Reading

For more how these reading can help you on your Spiritual Healing Journey check out the Akashic Records Reading Page

Take the Road Less Travelled the World Needs YOU!

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Embarking on the Road Less Traveled

Have you ever driven somewhere and then not remembered how you got there? Essentially you were in an unconscious or semi-conscious trance of auto-pilot. Interestingly, most people go about life in auto-pilot. Reacting to events and people around them rather than reacting with conscious awareness.  When you live in this state your life can spin out of control very easily.  Leaving you wondering why the events around you are occurring. So instead of a magical mystery tour your becomes one of living out the patterns of operation you where given by your family or society. Often leaving you feeling unfulfilled in many areas of your life, which may cause you to ask – is this all there is to life?  

Fortunately, there can be more to life than auto-pilot and there definitely is more to you than the patterns of operation that have been handed down to you. it is Shamarie’s role as a spiritual mentor to facilitate the unmasking these patterns so that you may discover the magnificent Being you are deep inside.  Some of the many things that are handled during spiritual mentoring and healing are:

 Karmic incompletions
 entity interferences
 internally created obstacles
 healing of past traumas
 Development of emotional strength and balance
 Upgrades of your basic mind structures
 Discovery of inner spiritual resources that you may not even no existed
 Aligning with the synchronous flow of the universe

You will find my approach non-judgement and compassionate.  I will never ask you to do anything that I have not already done.  I understand the challenges of living a spiritual life in a physical world.

At a minimum I recommend that you commit to a 6 month process as this will give your the very best opportunity to go through the basic clearing processes and prepare you for further spiritual work on evolving your self into the very best version of yourself..

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