Like many profoundly gifted healers before her, Shamarie’s craft and skill has been honed in the fire of personal trauma and tragedy. Shamarie has always been different, and her early years were particularly difficult and traumatic for her. Shamarie’s deep insight into the nature of subtle and overt mental, emotional, physical and sexual abuse comes not only from her early experience of family life, but also from her past lives. Shamarie’s spirit truly knows what it is be shattered and broken. The final catalyst for change for Shamarie was the suicide of her children’s father, leaving her with three small boys to raise on her own.

An astrologer once remarked after examining her  Natal Chart, that “they were surprised that she had survived and evolved into such a vibrant compassionate healer”. The fact that Shamarie did survive and thrive is a testimony to her innate spiritual strength and determination to overcome boundaries and life’s challengers.  Shamarie gives hope to all individuals who have suffered.  

Trauma Happens, Life Happens –  However, I sincerely believe it doesn’t have to be a life sentence

As Shamarie rebuilt her fractured, traumatised consciousness, she gained a very deep insight into the connectedness of all things and the structures and patterns that make up consciousness and life. It has been said by many that it is indeed rare for an individual to exhibit this level of ability to self-heal. With the help of Spirit of course.

Phoenix symbol of renewal

It is this deep understanding that facilitated her creation of the healing and personal development system called Biosenetics™. Her extensive gifts as a healer and empath are reflected in her work as a spiritual artist, with the beautiful pastels of her client’s energy fields and her inspiring soul collages and poetry.

Shamarie’s passion is helping people and delights in seeing them grow and change, reaching their personal wellness goals. Shamarie lives with her husband and three dogs surrounded by nature on an island off the coast of Queensland. Australia.

Step outside of your comfort zone


Wholistic Wellness Mentoring

Shamarie lives what she teaches.  She understands the struggles of modern life.  Her teaching style effortlessly combines wisdom, humour and compassion. I applaud you for considering taking the next step, a step that will be life changing.  It takes courage and commitment and determination to take the road less traveled.  A road that will bring you to a place of greater health and wellbeing.

My therapeutic approach is flexible, open and non-judgmental as I understand that it courage and commitment to step onto the road less traveled and seek a different life that is personally more fulfilling. The most important aspect of my approach is to see you as a whole person and therefore you are more than just your symptoms. Your mind, body and spirit are totally interconnected.  Therefore, health and wellness is more than just good nutrition and natural medicines.  A vital life requires:
  • Breathing Fresh Air
  • Good Nutrition
  • Consumption of adequate Pure Water
  • Engaging in regular Physical Activity that you enjoy
  • Being involved in rewarding relationships
  • Holding Positive, Empowering and Life Affirming beliefs
  • Emotional Maturity and Resilience
  • Engaged in an Occupation and lifestyle that you Love

Therefore, my approach will always be focused on how to help heal the whole of you in a way that is easy for you to follow.  Band-aid approaches be they drugs or herbs often only mask the symptom.  I use the NES Wellness System and Biosenetics™ to get to the root of your issues.  In this way, together we can develop a wellness plan that gives your body and spirit the very best chance to heal itself.

Each consultation builds upon the one before and are designed to give you the personal attention you deserve.  Each consultation will arm you with valuable life skills and spiritual skills.

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Due to Covid restrictions and Shamarie’s location many people choose to work with Shamarie remotely via Zoom Conferencing.

It is however, still possible to see Shamarie in person if you are able to travel to her location.

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