What is a Soul Realignment?

What is a Soul Realignment?

A Soul Realignment Reading is a specific type of Spiritual Reading which has the intention to help you clear away the patterns in your Soul blueprint. Clearing away this limited or facilitating repair of your Divine Blueprint enable you to step into your greater human potential. if you would like to read about different Spiritual Readings then go here

Why does my Soul Need to be Realigned?

As the title of the reading implies it is intended to facilitate Realignment of your Soul.  The first questions that arises for many is “why does my soul need realigning in the first place?” Which is an excellent question. In order to answer this question we will need to briefly discuss my understanding of the nature of Soul.  I say brief because there is copious theological and philosophical articles explaining the nature of the soul and discussing whether in fact the soul exists.

Brief Definition of Spirit, Soul and Why We are Here

I am going to give you my working interpretation of what a soul is and what spirit is and why we are here. Is the absolute truth and the whole truth? That’s up to you to decide, the working definitions I give here gives me a framework from which to offer spiritual readings and healings in general and specifically a Soul Realignment Reading.


Sometimes people use the words spirit and soul interchangeable. This is not a problem providing you know what they mean. Spirit is the ineffable energy that is in all things and all things are made from.  Hence the concept that we are all connected. Creation is in a constant flux of becoming, expanding and contracting.  Many individual talk about the spirit of things or their spirit. From a human perspective it certainly feels like we have a personal spirit.  However, spirit is transpersonal.  It is the big picture all encompassing energy of the universe.


Soul is the energy structure of consciousness that we create when we chose to enter into a incarnation of life time at least here on planet earth. The Soul is semi-permanent vehicle or Blueprint designed to allow you to experience certain conditions in life.  When we are a brand-new soul we come in wide-eyed and naïve.  Soul is a vehicle that allows the unlimited nature of spirit which is unlimited to become limited.

Another unique aspect of the Souls that I have delt with here on planet earth is that most are from other learning environments. So, from that perspective we are all old souls.  Also, our original Soul Blueprint has a certain quality or essence.  Perhaps you could call it soul personality encombant with our spiritual gifts.

 Why we are Here

This process of individuation or limitation is in my opinion why we are here.  Limitation allows for the experience of what is possible through a particular lens.  It allows for the totality of all to understand itself in a specific limited perspective. Spirit (definition below) creates different experiential environments where it explores its nature in bite size chunks.

Souls experience stuff, sometimes we get stuck in certain beliefs that were only pertinent to a particular lifetime. We can also get physically or emotionally hurt in ways that are not resolved in the lifetime they occur.  Hence our original Blueprint can become damaged or distorted.  In each successive life we bring forward soul baggage.  Sometimes referred to as karma.

Consequently, when we bring forward non-useful limited beliefs and unfinished business, our capacity for expanding our consciousness is also limited. We tend to keep repeating past mistakes and life becomes a struggle rather than an ever-expanding experience of love and joy.

How Can a Soul Realignment Help You?

When you request a Soul Realignment reading Shamarie will complete extensive research in your soul records (Akashic Records) Some of the things that can be discovered are:

  • Your unique soul personality and giftsBe the Best Version of You
  • Your Place of origin before earth
  • Damage present to original Soul Blueprint
  • Your current Soul Evolutionary standing
  • Any vowels, contracts, and other agreements that you are upholding but no longer serve you
  • Emotional and Thought Patterns that hinder you
  • Active karma that can be resolved

Once you have this information at hand you can take steps to clear away unproductive patterns. If necessary also, repair or re-install parts of your Blueprint that have been damaged. Thus, giving you a new lease on life and increased energy to do the things you love. A Soul Realignment reading is like a soul review.  Where are you at, what have you done and what can be done to assist you to keep growing.

The Soul Realignment Process is a Tool for Healing

Of course, a Soul Realignment Reading can not necessarily clear away all your blockages in one reading.  What is presented in your reading will be whatever issues are most pressing at the time of the reading. Hence it is often a good idea to have a reading when you feel life is becoming stuck again or you feel you are not growing spiritual as you would like.

In closing it is important to remember that a Soul Realignment Reading like every other spiritual tool requires you to take responsibility for taking action to use the information given to help yourself.