Shamarie is a 9D Verified Facilitator

9D Breathwork is a combination of breathwork, hypnosis, and a range of different vibrations, sounds, and frequencies designed to access the subconscious mind, release trapped emotions and traumas, and help to rewire the brain. 9D Breathwork is the amazing brain child of Brian Kelly

What exactly is 9D Breathwork?

Or put more simply it is the most powerful version of the most efficient healing modality on the planet – Breathwork

Kids Journeys are also available

What are the Benefits? Here is a short list:

Personal and spiritual Transformation is a dynamic, uniquely individualized process of expanding consciousness whereby individuals become critically aware of old and new self-views and choose to integrate these views into a new self-definition.

9D breathwork Expertly Facilitated by Shamarie provides Mind blowing experiences tailored towards certain outcomes

Here are some of the Shamarie’s 9D Breathwork Journeys available:

Eliminates and reduces stress

Did you know more than 80% of hospital visits are stress-related?

Shamarie’s 9D Breathwork is a powerful, quick, and transformational experience allows you to safely process stuck emotions which creates a positive lasting impact on your life

Shamarie’s 9D Breathwork is a specific breathing technique and practice that combines rhythmic breathing patterns, breath retention, and visualization techniques to promote physical and mental well-being.

Join Shamarie for a Transformational 9D Breathwork Journey

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Shamarie facilitates 9D Breathwork Journeys in person and online via Zoom.

If you have a venue in which you would like to offer your group Shamarie's 9D Breathwork Experience please contact me directly.