Access Your Body’s Master Control System with a NES Scan

Access Your Body’s Master Control System with a NES Scan

The NES Wellness System is a complete system backed by 30 years of research by Peter Fraser. Cutting edge science has proven that there is a regulating field of energy and information that operates our physical bodies.  This field is called the Human Body-Field and it is the master control system of your health and wellbeing. The human body-field is often referred to as the body’s innate intelligence.

The Wholistic Medicine Paradigm

The western medical paradigm believes we are a collection of enzymes, cells, organs, hormones etc. The Wholistic Medicine paradigm believes we are so much more than just cells and organs etc. Wholistic Medicine acknowledges that there are very intricate relationships between all of our organs, cells and our mental and emotional states.  The NES Wellness System assesses the energy fields that emanate from our organs and cells as well as how well they are communication between each other. Energy blockage and poor flow or communication within our body field will lead to less than optimum health.

NES Wellness System is a revolutionary 21st century technology that allows your Body-Field to give precise information concerning which systems of your body’s energy field are needing support.

How Can a NES Scan Help You?

Unfortunately, today’s busy lifestyle, toxic exposure to chemicals, external electromagnetic fields, poor diet and unprecedented amounts of stress has resulted in many chronic health issues that conventional medicine is unable to provide answers for. In the past it was generally only older populuations who experience chronic health issues.  Unfortunately, more and more younger people are now dealing with chronic health conditions.

Prescription medicine often have unwanted side effects causing even more problems because they generally target a particular tissue or organ. However, they have impact on the whole of the body.

More and More people are looking for answers and turning to more wholistic and natural approaches for their healthcare.  The NES Wellness system is non-invasive therapy that can possible provide the answers and natural approach your are looking for.

How You Can Get a NES Scan and Start your Wellness Journey

A NES Wellness Scan can analyze your Body-Field and produce a comprehensive report of the current state of your Master Control System.  You can either have a scan by visiting your practitioner or you can purchase you own inexpensive scanner or even better your practitioner can organize a scan using the power of your voice.  All methods are equally accurate and comprehensive. Obviously, the voice scan is the most convenient in that you can complete this scan in the comfort of your own home and go through your results with your NES scan practitioner online. contact Shamarie today

Want to Discover more about the Human Body-Field?

You may want to watch this brief preview of the movie The Living Matrix. It contains a wealth of  further information about Human Body-Field.  It is free to watch the Preview. There is no obligation or financial reward for me should you decide to purchse the video. .

Disclaimer: The NES Scan does not make any medical of physical claims or assessment. It cannot diagnose any medical condition.  The NES Scan only assesses the Human Body-Field. The provided information can enable you to support your Body’s Master Control System – the innate intelligence of your body.