How to Let Go of Negative Emotions

How to Let Go of Negative Emotions

Why do I feel drained and lifeless?

When we personally experience any of life’s hard knocks, whether it be the loss of a loved one, relationship breakup or loss of employment. We can feel emotionally drained and feel that we have no enthusiasm left for life. We can also be affected emotionally by global events that we are exposed to on the news.

Long term emotional stress on a global level whether it is because of war, poverty, or political oppression affects our emotional wellbeing. Each generation is affected by the emotional health of their parents. It is not that long ago that much of the world’s population was emotionally recovering from WW 11. Now the worldwide event of Covid-19 has left most of humanity feeling emotionally drained and overwhelmed. The primary emotions being loss of loved ones, loss of freedoms and fear of death or punishment from authorities. Anger is also on the rise.

Given that prolonged negative emotions affect our immune system, it is very likely that the constant fear that our leaders and the media have kept on broadcasting daily is potentiating the problem. (read How your Emotions Affect Your health and wellbeing)

What is Emotional Healing?

The primary goal for emotional healing which is sometimes called spiritual healing is emotional resilience. A state of emotional balance and strength wherein we do not feel controlled or overwhelmed by our emotions.

In most cases people who have worked through their emotional baggage are aware of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.  They have also learned healthy way to cope with the stress and problems of life. Generally, they have a positive outlook on life and about themselves and others.

On the other side of the coin is the negative emotions such as hate, anger, jealousy, fear, and sadness which cause us to feel bad about ourselves and others.  These emotions arise in most people in certain contexts, and they come and go.  When we hold onto these emotions for prolonged periods of time. Emotions build up in intensity and they become a health and happiness hazard.

Some Simple Steps to facilitate Emotional Healing

  1. Identify what emotion you are feeling.  This may sound easy, but it is not always so. Particularly in the heat of the moment. Sometimes is it useful to review your reactions after the event. Ask yourself questions such as:
    1. what happened, what did I see, what was said that caused my emotional state to change
    2. Where did I feel the feeling or emotion in my body?
    3. Did I feel the need to run, cry, defend?
  2. Allow yourself to express your feelings in way that respects your safety and the safety of those around you.
    1. Journal writing
    2. meditation
    3. talking it over with a trusted friend
    4. Taking a long walk to regain your composure
    5. Take a long soothing warm bath, washing away all the emotion as it goes down the drain
  3. Allow yourself time to sit with the emotion and breath through it.
  4. Listen to inspiring music
  5. Positive affirmations
  6. Take care of yourself and your body.
    1. Eat healthy meals
    2. spend some time doing the things you love
    3. Get sufficient sleep and exercise
    4. Let go of some of the things in your life that create stress and anxiety

Getting Support during Your Emotional Healing Journey

Sometimes getting help from your family and friends may not be the way to go.  They may not have the skills required to help you deal with your emotions nor have any idea how to help you emotionally heal. On many occasions they are struggling with their own emotions

It is often tempting to read copious self-help books and attend the latest self-help program hoping to find emotional peace. My suggestion is that you avail yourself of a qualified therapist of your choice for one-on-one assistance. There are many options available.

My personal preference is of course spiritual healing. Not only because it is how I offer help to others. But because when I started my emotional healing journey over 25 years ago, I found spiritual healing was the most comprehensive and in-depth form of emotional healing.

What to Expect when you Engage a Spiritual Healer

Emotional healing is a journey from feeling overwhelmed and drained to emotional resilience and a positive outlook on life. The journey is not always easy, but it is well worth the effort.  As I alluded to above for the sake of our personal health and humanity’s collective wellbeing, we all need to take the journey.

When you engage in a spiritual healer for emotional healing, they will hold space for you as you allow yourself to feel your emotions in a productive and safe way.  They will also help you identify the root cause of the negative emotions so that you can be free of the emotional reactive pattern. To be free of an emotional pattern requires that you understand the source of it and let go. Understanding that there are other choices of how to respond.

Depending on the Spiritual Healer you engage to assist in your emotional healing they will have different skill sets and processes. My goal for you is not only that you become emotionally resilient, but that you also develop skills and strategies to manage life’s ups and downs.

One Thing to Consider

If you are like many others now, you are probably feeling emotionally drained and overwhelmed with the Covid situation.  This is not surprising you have been living through this for over 2 years now.  You maybe wondering if there is something that you can do that can help yourself to emotionally survive.  My humble suggestion is that you engage in spiritual healing, not only will it help you personally, but it will also help those around you.  We are herd animals and if we are surrounded by fear and depression, we become it.  Alternatively, if we are surrounded by positivity and calm, we can also become that.