Who Took the Sun Away?

Who Took the Sun Away?

Who Took the Sun Away Article

Today I am grateful that the sun has finally returned. During my short walk to the supermarket this morning, the cashiers were friendly and helpful, the other customers wanted to say hello and chat with me even though I don’t know them. Ah I am back in my happy place and so is everyone else around me.

Having just come back from several weeks of European Summer, having to adjust to the time warp, difference in sunshine hours coupled with my body being challenged with a fluey virus that put my partner in bed for several days. I truly was beginning to wonder when this tunnel of misery was going to end.  And I am usually the positive one lol.

The marked difference that I felt this morning when I woke up and my supermarket experience caused me to reflect upon did the sun really go away taking my inner happiness and peace with it? Or did my inner reality block out the sun’s warming light?

Now of course the sun didn’t really disappear regardless of my inner reality or not.  However, my awareness of the sun certainly had.   I think this is true for all of us, when we are feeling challenged by our environment or when there has been lack of sleep or immune compromise.  I am glad that I have had the time, space and resources to traverse this experience.  My Transfer Factors, essential oils and rest all helped of course.  But I feel another major contributing factor was I finally become aware of and cleared away the dross of other people’s ectoplasm which was pulling me down into a place of darkness and misery.

There is old truism –  “you become what you are surrounded by” I have always been keenly aware of this in terms of protecting myself from becoming the pain and suffering of my clients as well as the places that feel overtly icky.  However, I have realised that I hadn’t been quite so vigilant in my everyday life.  I didn’t notice the small bits that stuck and finally clustered into big bits until I started to resonate with what I was surrounded with. I had allowed the “not me” energies of my friends and family to accumulate coupled with the residual darkness of the places I had visited while I was away.

This doesn’t mean that I believe that my friends and family and the places I visited are bad, not at all. However, I do have to be acutely aware that they have a different resonance than me. Nor does it mean that I must keep myself separated from the ones that I love.  I am certainly not going to play the poor me empath/sensitive that I see touted so much lately, because I know each person I am surrounded by and every place that I visit is also effected by me. I know with certainty that I do affect the people and places around me.  This is not news to me Lol, but I had forgotten it.  My trip to the supermarket this morning reinforced that to me. Whether others find my influence good for them or not is not up to me.

What all this has prompted me to do, is start creating a course for those who are empathetic, sensitive and come from their heart.  Those who are troubled and suffering tend to be naturally drawn to empathetic individuals.  Sensitives as a group need to be courageous and a strongly resonate a frequency of balance and harmony rather than become what they are mostly surrounded with.  This is not about being more special or positive than others. Rather, it’s about being able to successfully live and offer what empaths as a group are best able to give when they themselves are in a balanced state. So, firstly we must get our own house in order, because unfortunately sensitives and empaths tend also to be ones with some of the deepest wounds.  It is our own wounds and lack of awareness that allows us to take on and become what we are surrounded with.

I haven’t finished this course as I have only started today, despite the fact that many clients have been asking for me to do this for quite some time.  Soon, I will be able to say when asked “is there a book where I can read all this stuff?” YES THERE IS!

If you would like to know more please contact me via the contact channels that suits you best. shamarie@shamarie.com.au or join my FaceBook page or Newsletter List or download my APP in Apple Itunes or Google Play

In the meantime try stay out of the shadows cast by others

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