What is Spiritualism & What is Spiritual Healing

What is Spiritualism & What is Spiritual Healing

I am often asked what is spiritual healing and unfortunately there is no black and white answer to this question. Personally I have tried to avoid the use of the word “spiritual healing” because of the generalized concepts that people hold in their minds. But essentially spiritual healing is what I do, I am a spiritual person. So rather than dodging the word I thought perhaps I should take a stab at defining what spiritualism and spiritual healing is for me.

Commonly, spiritualism is associated with religion. If someone was described as a spiritual person they usually were associated with an organized religion of some persuasion. So perhaps I should first answer the question – what is a religion? I religion is a system of beliefs that inform you about the nature of the world, how it was created and how to be a good religious person – i.e. someone who adheres to the laws and beliefs of their religious system. Essentially, religions provide individuals with a black and white moral code of right and wrong and good and evil. No thinking or self-evaluation required, just mindlessly follow the rules. The central theme of all religious life is also about the worship of a higher being and doing stuff to garner approval of this higher being. Religion is also a system of segregation – you are either one of us and therefore righteous in our eyes and the higher beings eyes or you are not. Even if you are not part of an organized religion the concept of group privilege based on certain membership criteria is also part of our society in so many other areas – education, financial, political power, sports team and gender to name a few.

So is this was a spiritual person is in our modern age? Well they can be, but they can be something very different. I put myself and my spiritual healing into a very different category. For me leading a spiritual life is not about trying to please some higher power, nor is it about creating separation. To the very best of my ability I strive for inclusion of all possibilities which is probably why I have such a diverse clientele. Spiritualism is about understanding that we are all a drop in the totally of the ocean of life. We are all an exquisitely unique contribution and expression, and yet each individual also contains the same stuff of everything else in creation. Therefore we are no more or less than anyone else no matter what separatist group or ego structure we have formed around ourselves.

If we look at the so called crowning glory of the human mind the outer cortex, the lastest evolutionary step to develop. Ask yourself could the cortex develop or exist without all of the so called primitive neurological systems that it rests upon? Could humans stand up without a skeleton, feet, toes, a sense of balance and so on. Could a man exist without a woman? But which is more important? It is a fallacy to prioritize any of these systems as being more important or superior. They are all inter-dependent and inter-related, none of the individual parts work well without the sum of the other parts.

For me, this is what spiritualism is, being yourself and understanding that you exist because of all of the rest of creation and at the same time all of creation could not exist without you. Hence the work of spiritual healing is about dissolving or healing all of the mental thoughts and paradigms that cause separation no matter how sacred and god given we believe these systems to be. Spiritual healing also involves not just the thought processes but also the emotional hurts that cause us to separate and isolate ourselves.

Every time we label something as right or wrong we have created a separation, every time we justify shutting ourselves off from others because of emotional pain or fear we are creating separation. Every time you say something or someone is inferior or less than yourself based on a particular criteria we deny our own inferior aspects. Every time we create separation we diminish ourselves personally, we cut ourselves off from the richness and diversity of the universe.

Spiritual Healing is about connection to life

The funny thing is in our society we talk about mental health and how we are at crisis point as mental health related illness are dominating our society at the moment. But really if our so called primitive emotional issues were resolved would there be so much mental illness? If we didn’t insist on making the individual wrong but rather acknowledge that the whole has gone wrong somewhere would this situation be happening?

My version of spiritualism is that we are all in this together, and if you are in pain then so am I at some level, the more whole and expansive your life then so it will be for me and everyone else. Conversely the more I become whole, the more I can assist and encourage other to do so. Spiritualism is not an armchair experience nor a theoretical one. If I make a difference for myself then I make a difference for you – sacred selfishness – if I serve you I serve me and if I serve me I also serve you.

The problem many people face is how do they personally change their thinking, or how do they move past their emotional hurts and get into relationship with the multiplicity of life. This is not something they taught us in school. Well, this is where I can help you with spiritual healing, I have developed many different processes and ways over the years of working on myself and with others. Surprisingly it is not as hard as you might think. If you want to know more of the mechanics, then please check out my next post coming soon…………The how and why of Spiritual Healing.

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