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An Exert from Shamarie’s book From My Heart to Your Heart –
a soul inspiring book of poetry and art created throughout her journey of spiritual evolution


Cut adrift in a sea of bliss,
How could anything be amiss?
And yet there is something in the mist.

Calling me, calling me,
It’s time we both were free,
Come with me, be with me, see me

Locked up for an eternity
Blinded by reality,
Drowning in a sea of duality

The jailer is no more,
Time has settled the score,
Set free by cosmic law

Time to renew our ancient pact
With love and bliss we will re-act
Everything is timely and exact

Hail, the ancient ones restored
Love animating every pore
Struggle and suffering will be no more

shamarie metaphysician and author


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of From My Heart to Your Heart from Shamarie or download a
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All Services Provided Online
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