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I knew that I was going to write a book for several years.  However, I was never quite sure exactly what I was going to write about.  I was delighted to be accepted by Global Publishing to have my book published. Evolve Your Unconscious Mind almost wrote itself, the manuscript was completed within 4 weeks.  That was the easy part!

The energies of change have been building for several years culminating on December 21, 2012. Evolve Your Unconscious Mind is my contribution to the energy of change.  As a healer I see people struggle on a daily basis with their beliefs about themselves and the world. I also know that it will take more than a few individuals changing their personal beliefs for the world as we know it to change.

If we are to move to a more egalitarian and sustainable global community humanity needs to change their fundamental archetypal structures.  I sincerely believe that my book will reach out and enable individuals to make a fundamental global shift.

What Others Have Said about Shamarie’s Book – Evolve Your Unconscious Mind, Transform Your Life

A fantastic and insightful look in to the patterns that we find ourselves living out, year after year. Shamarie brings to our conscious attention what the patterns are and gives the reader the tools to find out what they mean and how to break from the cycle. While it can be a difficult journey for some, being that it is so personal, Shamarie ensures it is an ultimately rewarding experience where we are free of tethers that have previously held us back and open to receive what we truly want to have and be in this life. An amazing and life changing book from an amazingly beautiful woman. Thank you Shamarie!
Niki Popovich, Writer. Gawler S.A.

For me, ‘Evolve your Unconscious mind’ is not a book that will sit idle on the shelf. I find the book to be an addictive read, full of depth. At last I am beginning to understand my own elusive self and the world around me, this book is helping to show me the way. Thanks for teachings”.
Carol Blaser, Animal Healer. Mallala S.A.

I have finished reading your book and I would like to say , this is a book to re read , with each read another truth pops its head up to be seen .Reading this book is a valuable experience, one that stays with you and allows you to grow as you go ! Also I love the meditation. Oh and I didn’t say , the clarity you bring to the confusion of emergence is beautiful and I have thanked you privately and now I wish to publicly thank you for steadfastly and in the face of all sorts of denial and resistance and ridicule , following your nose and finding a way that works for us …us who were longing xxx
I would recommend this book to anyone who is willing and wanting to grow”.
Maria Hogg, Spiritual Healer. Moorook S.A.

If you are serious about healing yourself, if you are serious about clearing the junk you carry with you everyday, if you are serious about feeling the weight lifted from your shoulders, if you are serious about living the life you were meant to live………… this book. Simply written, easy to follow, step by step this book guides you towards healing and releasing that which no longer serves you. The included meditiation is second only to a healing session with Shamarie Flavel
I highly recommend Evolve Your Unconscious Mind – Transform Your World and am so glad I found this wonderful healer and her book”.
Jo-anne Cain, Case Worker. Waikerie S.A.

Congratulations on the book which I am enjoying, you continue to inspire and inform”.
Kerry Bosisto, Kindergarten Teacher. Cherry Gardens, S.A.

Thank you for your amazing book, Evolve Your Unconscious Mind – I had to let you know how much I am enjoying it. True masters of their craft have the ability to take complex constructs and make them accessible to the masses, and this is what you have done. Your ability to summarize collective knowledge through the ages in such an eclectic way is incredibly insightful and helpful. Can’t wait for more! With thanks
Sue Angione, Speech Pathologist, Gawler

Evolve Your Mind


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