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What is Spiritual Mentoring and How Can it help Me?

What is Spiritual Mentoring?

Spiritual Mentoring is different than Personal Development though they can have some similarities.  Personal development can involve learning a new skill, further education, different employment or perhaps physical development. Whereas Spiritual development underpins all of these activities.  Spiritual development is truly and inside job, no one can do it for you, but Shamarie as your Spiritual Mentor can assist your along your journey

Spiritual Development transcends the barriers of religion.  It is built upon the human qualities that are innate in all of us – regardless of our age, sex or culture.  These qualities can be observed when you examine the teachings of our “spiritual leaders” throughout history.  Some of these qualities are unconditional love, peace, joy, kindness, compassion and humility.  These qualities are available to everyone who chooses to develop them within themselves.

Shamarie Spiritual Mentor

How Will Spiritual Mentoring Help Me?

Help you heal the emotional hurts from the past
Develop clarity of mind
Discover you life purpose
Develop you personal talents and gifts
Improve your health, mentally, emotionally and physically
Discover your own personal well of love, peace, joy and kindness
Gain a greater abundance in your life
Improve your interpersonal relationships

Qualities of a Spiritual Mentor

  • Spiritual Mentors often take the road less traveled and, in many cases, can appear quite eccentric as they often do no conform to social norms. Spiritual Mentors do not believe in forcing their belief on others nor do they insist that others follow their lead. Spiritual Mentors tend to inspire by sharing their experiences and knowledge rather than giving instruction. They guide rather than direct.
  • We all have a choice of how to be, either negative or positive. It is very easy to give in to the negative in the face of adversity.  How you think about things is truly up to you. A Spiritual Mentor will create a positive atmosphere around themselves and encourage and inspire your to do the same.
  • A Spiritual Mentor is genuinely interested in helping others to discover their unique purpose, gifts and identity in life. Often devoting their lives to improving the position of others rather than their own.
  • True Spiritual Mentors seek to empower others and are not afraid to share their power and knowledge with others.
“To me, the function and duty of a quality human being is the sincere and honest development of one’s potential”   Bruce Lee

What is the Role of Spiritual Mentor?

shamarie spiritual mentor and healer
Embarking on the Road Less Traveled

Have you ever driven somewhere and then not remembered how you got there? Essentially you were in an unconscious or semi-conscious trance of auto-pilot. Interestingly, most people go about life in auto-pilot. Reacting to events and people around them rather than reacting with conscious awareness.  When you live in this state your life can spin out of control very easily.  Leaving you wondering why the events around you are occurring. So instead of a magical mystery tour your becomes one of living out the patterns of operation you where given by your family or society. Often leaving you feeling unfulfilled in many areas of your life, which may cause you to ask – is this all there is to life?  

Fortunately, there can be more to life than auto-pilot and there definitely is more to you than the patterns of operation that have been handed down to you. it is Shamarie’s role as a spiritual mentor to facilitate the unmasking these patterns so that you may discover the magnificent Being you are deep inside.  Some of the many things that are handled during spiritual mentoring and healing are:

Karmic incompletions
entity interferences
internally created obstacles
healing of past traumas
Development of emotional strength and balance
Upgrades of your basic mind structures
Discovery of inner spiritual resources that you may not even no existed
Aligning with the synchronous flow of the universe

You will find my approach non-judgement and compassionate.  I will never ask you to do anything that I have not already done.  I understand the challenges of living a spiritual life in a physical world.

At a minimum I recommend that you commit to a 6 month process as this will give your the very best opportunity to go through the basic clearing processes and prepare you for further spiritual work on evolving your self into the very best version of yourself..

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Spiritual Development Courses

Available Online Courses

The following online courses are coming soon:
  • Go from Surviving to Thriving for Empaths
  • Evolve Your Mind to Transform Your Life
  • Working with Archetypes for Healing

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In Person Short Courses
  • Meditation Classes
  • Create Your Own Soul Insight Cards
  • Create Your Own Self Box
  • An afternoon of Peace and Relaxation – Mind, Body and Soul
  • Evolve Your Mind Transform Your Life – Group Setting (6months)

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Online Spiritual Development Courses by Shamarie

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All Services Provided Online
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