Distance Healing

No Matter Where You Live You Can Have a Healing & Wellness Session

Distant healing means Shamarie can be near you no matter where you are

The separation of time and space or geographical location does not have to be a barrier to working with Shamarie.  She can be near you where ever you are.  Separation is an illusion. Our Spirit can be in all places and all times, depends where we place our attention and focus. The internet makes it even easier because now not only can you connect with voice you can also connect face to face digitally.

Distance Healing sessions give you all the same benefits; the same profound changes and release of your mental and emotional discomforts as you get with a face to face healing.

Some healers provide absent distance healing, leaving you unsure whether anything has happened at all.  Shamarie always works with you being present.  You will consciously know and feel the changes.

There are three options for Distance Healing:

  1. Biosenetics and this is the healing demonstrated in the video below.
  2. If you choose a Holographic Kinetics Healing Session Shamarie will need to engage another individual to surrogate your spirit.  Therefore this session is more cost as it requires two people.  (to see more about this go to the Holographic Kinetics page)
  3. A NES Wellness Scan when you purchase your own scanner.  You can also receive the ERs via broadcast as well (to see more about this option go the the NES Wellness page)

Your Distance Healing Session can be conducted via telephone,  Skype or my preferred method is Zoom Conferencing . Zoom conferencing is a more secure and robust connect. If you are not sure which whether a Biosenetics Healing Session or a Holographics Healing Session is best for you, contact Shamarie so she can help you decide.

Connect with Shamarie Now!

Exactly the same benefits as a face to face hands on healing session!

  • Increased self-esteem
  • Increased self-love
  • Greater mental clarity & focus
  • Improved relationships
  • Removal of Entities
  • Healing the Past
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Healer Near Me with Shamarie

Watch an Actual Biosenetics Distant Healing Session

If you would like to book a Distant Healing please contact Shamarie Directly for appointment scheduling. Please find the email link below  Shamarie’s Time Zone is Adelaide, South Australia

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All Services are Now Provided Online

All Services Provided Online
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