Interesting Facts On Auto Immune Disorders

Interesting Facts On Auto Immune Disorders

Auto immune disorders are medical conditions which cause over activity or low levels of activity of the immune system. When autoimmune disorders affect an individual the body attacks and damages its tissues. In these cases the immune system starts to produce antibodies instead of fighting infections. Some common examples of auto immune disorders include rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, multiple sclerosis, type 1 diabetes and psoriasis. After a recent research on women’s health experts have concluded that the underlying cause for most of the chronic illnesses are the auto immune disorders.

Risk factors

The auto immune disorders are broadly classified into two categories; organ specific or non-organ specific. There are 80 different kinds of autoimmune disorders which vary in severity. For reasons unknown women are more susceptible to these disorders, mostly in their child bearing age. Although health experts have not been able to detect the exact cause of these disorders they have identified some risk factors. The list includes genetics, sex hormones, environmental factors and infection. It is believed that autoimmune disorders run in the family. However the family members may suffer from different disorders.

Some common symptoms

Some of the symptoms of auto immune diseases include joint pain, muscle pain, recurrent rashes, sensitivity to the sun, difficulty in concentrating or feeling fatigued frequently. In addition to this you may experience hair loss, abdominal pain, dry eyes, numbness or blood clots. If you are experiencing weight loss, increased thirst and urination, they may be the early signs of type 1 diabetes which affects the pancreas. If you witness swollen and deformed joints they indicate rheumatoid arthritis which is another common autoimmune disorder.

Treatments administered

Besides these, one autoimmune disorder which requires immediate medical intervention is multiple sclerosis. This disorder affects the nervous system and the symptoms include paralysis, numbness and vision impairment. There is no cure for the autoimmune disorders but in most of the cases the condition can be controlled with medication. In the past doctors have used anti-inflammatory drugs, corticosteroids, pain-killing medication and immunosuppressant drugs to help the patients address the medical condition. The immunosuppressant drugs inhibit the activity of the immune system which is harmful for the body. Doctors today advise physical therapy which encourages mobility. In case of diabetes insulin injections need to be administered to the patients.

Good mental health helps the immune system to perform optimally. Relaxation hypnotherapy is a good technique that can keep your mind in good health. This will assist you in recovering from immunity related diseases.

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