Hypnotherapy To Quit Smoking – Does It Really Work

Hypnotherapy To Quit Smoking – Does It Really Work

Smoking causes serious health hazards. In this world there are millions of smokers and the numbers are increasing day by day. The nicotine present in the cigarette feels like it is very addictive. There is lots of research indicating that smoking can cause cancer.  The smoking habit is very addictive which makes it difficult for the smokers to quit it. Besides this there is thousands of other chemicals people inhale while smoking which causes many changes in our body. People who are long time smokers are more prone to lung disorders, alterations to their voice and dry wrinkly skin.

Most people  who smoke, believe smoking relieves tension, other smoke just for pleasure or just to imitate any close friend or celebrity they like.  Various famous stars from movies smoke to give a special dimension to the character. Youngsters get heavily influenced by this. There are various campaigns  going on to ban smoking, and at the same time to put a disclaimer on each and every movie scene.

Numerous companies are launching nicotine patches for people who want to quit smoking. At the same time there are rehabs also.  There is another treatment that is very popular – Hypnotherapy.

But what actually is hypnotherapy?? Does it really help to quit smoking? Let’s gain some insight about it.

Hypnotherapy is a process by which the client is in a trance or in a sleep like state . During this process the therapist give some suggestions which gets stored in the sub conscious mind. These suggestions work on the part of the brain that generates automatic thoughts. Whenever we see anything our brain gives a instant reaction.  Through a hypnotherapy session a new reaction and automatic thought is suggested to the client.

The therapist will help you create negative thoughts in your mind about the bad effects of smoking.  They will put a suggestion that anything related to smoking one should avoid. The main purpose is whenever you are going to smoke your brain will say negative things or in many cases will no longer think of smoking.

Most individuals who undergo hypnotherapy to kick the smoking habit find that even after one session they no longer have any craving or desire to smoke.

There are no  side effects in this therapy, nor are there any ongoing costs with nicotine patches.  In fact using hypnotherapy to kick the smoking habit will save you all the money you use to spend on cigarette.

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