Distance Healing Therapy – How Does It Work?

Distance Healing Therapy – How Does It Work?

Contrary to popular perception, healing does not only mean removal of symptoms. If you are looking for complete resolution of the diseases or the causes of imbalances, you need a lasting and true healing therapy. Healing signifies to return to a state of perfect balance. Holistic healing therapy will aid in creating healing solutions in all aspects of an individual’s life.

Defining Distance Healing

Distance healing therapy is the practice of healing when the patient is not physically present in the same location as the therapist. The therapy works in same manner as if the patient is physically present with the healer. Thus distance healing lets the recipient to take advantage of the healing process even when he or she not able to be present before the healer due to constraints such as illness or distance.

There are several other terms that are synonymous with distance healing such as distance healing energy, distance spiritual healing therapy, distance Reiki light, remote holistic healing, distance holistic therapy, distance holistic treatment, distance psychic treatment, distance treatment, remote treatment, and absent healing. The process involved in the healing can vary marginally and depends on the healer’s origin. For instance some healers may introduce an ethnic ritual or religious element, but the basic transmission of healing energy will be universal in spirit.

Functioning of Distance Healing Therapy

For several centuries, healer have recognized and practicing what quantum scientists and astro-physicists have become aware of quite recently. Traditional healers are aware that the world is an illusion and that time and distance is also an illusion. For all those folks who have the ability to work intuitively with energy or to learn the processes that are involved, healing refers to a process of balancing and transferring that energy.

When a healer is not working with the physical form however with pure energy, it indicates that the concerned healer has the capability to operate beyond the usual limitations of space and time. This in turn enables the healer to transmit therapy to a pattern of energy or to an individual who is physically not close to them or may be not even the world that we are generally aware of.

Healing energy is sometimes also referred to as “cosmic” or “sub-atomic”. This essentially indicates that any form of life energy including the apparently inanimate objects such plant life and rocks where we have invested our energy into through situations and concepts can immensely benefit from the distance healing therapy. Everything is energy!

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