Common Menstrual Problems Which Affect Women

Common Menstrual Problems Which Affect Women

Problems related to the menstrual cycle are many. For an effective treatment plan it is necessary that you maintain a calendar and a journal to keep track of the menstrual cycle. For many women PMS or pre-menstrual syndrome encompasses fatigue and mild cramps. These problems disappear when the periods begin. However at times more serious issues too may develop. Both heavy and light menstrual cycles are not normal. Moreover, absence of a cycle also needs immediate attention. Being a woman it is important that you stay in tune with your body and consult the doctor when need arises.

Pre Menstrual Syndrome

The symptoms of PMS occur one or two weeks before your periods. The range of physical symptoms encompasses backaches, headaches, bloating, acne, insomnia, depression, anxiety and feelings of stress. Although PMS is worrisome but it needs attention when it interferes with your daily life. Apart from PMS another menstrual problem which needs to be highlighted is menorrhagia or heavy period. In these situations bleeding is more than normal. The cycle may last longer than usual. There may be imbalances in the hormone levels which need medical intervention.

Common menstrual problems

In some cases women may not get their periods regularly. This condition is known as amenorrhea. The causes behind this condition include either a delay in puberty or a defect in the reproductive system. At times some women experience painful periods. Although cramps are common when the uterus contracts some women experience excruciating pain. This medical condition is known as dysmenorrhea when the pain is very intense. The pain is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, headache and discomfort. Sometimes the pain can be caused by conditions such as fibroids and endometriosis if it is not caused by period itself.

Getting right treatment

When you witness any of the above problems it is necessary that you broach the problem to the doctor. The type of treatment which the doctor recommends will depend to a large extent on the causes which lead to the problem. In most cases to determine the cause of the problem the physician will recommend a series of tests to you. The menstrual cycle history plays a crucial role as it gives the physician an insight into the problem. The menstrual problem says a lot about your health and irregularities in the cycle require immediate attention.

It is seen that  women with menstrual problems sometimes also suffer from mood swings. You can avail the service of a natural mind therapist in Australia, if you get mood swings during menstruation.

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