Benefits of Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy

Benefits of Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy

Traumatic experiences of the past life can have adverse effects on our present lives and can stop us from enjoying what we have in present. Past life regression hypnotherapy has the ability to connect us to the life we have already led and heal whatever bad things happened to us in the previous life. Past life regression hypnosis can be used for other experiences like etheric plane communication, regression to past of present life, inner guide work, etc.
Though this path of healing has been debated by many people, it has actually helped a lot of people to recover from conditions that are unknown to general stream of medication and therapies.

Some of the benefits of Past Life Regression Therapy for those who choose it are:

Healing Trauma: This has been the major aspect of past life regression therapy. Trauma from the past life can hold us from doing things in the present life, so it is essential that we free ourselves from the happenings of the past life and live in the present. Various methods used in this therapy helps you resolve all the bad things and lead a balanced life.

Expanding Creativity: Just like our present life, we had talents in our past lives as well.  Through past life regression, it is possible to travel in one or more past lifetimes and bring the past life skill or attribute into our current life.
Amend Past-Life Contracts: A promise or an agreement in the past can affect our present life. It may so happen that you promised someone and were not able to fulfil the promise in the life it was made. The past life practitioner would take their clients to the lifetime where this happened, so that proper atonement and revision of the contract in the most supportive way.  This will help you be free of obligations and relationships in your current life that no longer serve you.
Discover Amazing Things: Past life regression hypnotherapy can actually help you discover amazing things about yourself that you never knew. The memories recalled through this method are vivid and detailed, so you exactly know what you could do and how you could do things.
Grounding: Many people who have gone through past life regression therapy affirmed they feel more grounded and peaceful in ‘who they are’. They have better understanding of certain desires, characteristics, talents, etc which were otherwise unknown. This therapy has made their lives balanced and happier.

If you have a trait that has no connections with the present life, it may be because you are still connected to the past life. Get in touch with a past life regression practitioner and get answers to all your questions.

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