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Telephone & Zoom Appointments

As Shamarie is now in a remote place in Queensland most of her services will be provided either by Telephone of Zoom Conferencing. You will get exactly the same result from your healing session as Space, time and location are not a barrier to energy healing for Shamarie. It is even possible to complete a past life regression using online conferencing. Once you have made you appointment you will be sent a link to access Shamarie’s private conference room.



Shamarie Can Help your grow spiritually

If you would like a Telephone, Zoom consult please contact Shamarie directly.  Particularly if there is a time zone difference.

Shamarie merges Spiritual Healing, Mental and Emotional development/life mentoring with the NES Bioenergetic Wellnes System and with Naturopathic principles.

Therefore during a typical Consultation Shamarie will discuss your physical concerns and other things such as diet, lifestyle and your current living environment as well as interpersonal relationships.  She will also discuss what you personally want to achieve and what she can offer to help you achieve your goals.

Shamarie will work with you to create a step-by-step road map of processes for healing your Mind, Body, Emotions and Life.
Together with Shamarie you will begin your transformative journey.

During the next portion of the session Shamarie will use her highly advanced healing and perceptual skills to assess your energy system and consciousness (much like looking at an organic computer),  You will also receive a NES Wellness Scan if you want to work with that system.

Many have said that a session with Shamarie is hard to describe, but that it is profoundly healing to be in the presence of her boundless compassion and acceptance……… feels like home!

So that Shamarie can Help You


  • Make sure you have accessed the Zoom conference room just prior to the start of your consultation. Alternatively, if we have agreed to use FB Messenger, please be available for when I call
  • As you will be enjoying your session in your own location, please make sure that you have turned off all digital distractions
  • Make sure that you have set aside a place in your location where you will be undisturbed for 1 to 1.5 hours
  • If you have booked a session that involves hypnosis make sure you have a comfortable chair or sofa which enables you to recline easily.
  • Come prepared for change!
  • Be prepared to confront and work through your interpersonal issues that prevent you from moving forward
  • Be willing to do the work and make the changes necessary
  • Be aware that healing takes time and that there are no quick fixes
  • Be prepared to invest time, money and energy in your wellness
  • Most importantly expect the very best possible outcome for yourself
  • Before your first appointment please make sure you fill in the Online Intake Form.. It will mean that we can spend more time on healing rather than filling in forms


Cash, Credit Card, EPTOS,  PayPal and direct debit by prior arrangement

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All Services are Now Provided Online

All Services Provided Online
(Email or phone Shamarie to Make an appointment)

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