A Guide To Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy

A Guide To Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy

Past life regression is a process through hypnosis were the person are taken to any of their past lives.  Whilst some individuals like to do a past life regression out of curiosity, however it is best undergone as apart of a therapy.  Past Life therapy is often considered to try to get to the root of the problem.  A person who is trained in Past Life Regression is train to manage any situations that may come up during a therapy session, such as memories and strong emotions.  Not all people experience this, but those individuals who are good a visualization and meditation using have a stronger experience.

Past life regression therapy becomes a very important therapy because many incidents happen in our life, which indirectly relates to our past life.  It has a very deep relation with our unconscious mind, which orders our mind to react specifically to a certain incident or person.

In this therapy it brings a good insight to our mental well being. In our daily lives we have countless number of present life experiences  which we sometimes can relate to our past life tiems. This therapy helps to understand ourselves better and make us stronger.

In Hinduism reincarnation is termed as a spiritual prison were, we will keep going around endless circle of life until we reach the Enlightment. The Buddhism philosophy is little different , according to them  there is no myself/ our self. We are all together not an individual and so karma is collective

If you want to recall past life memories, one of the best ways is through meditation using  aromatherapy to help you focus and relax.  Select a quiet place,  and take deep breaths within your stomach.  Light some aroma therapy candles with scents like vanilla, mint or pine etc.  Within this process if some images come in your mind, don’t need to get afraid, try relate to the images. Once it is done write it down.

When working with a skilled healer and a Past Life Regression Therapist many situations can arise, which are related to our past lives.  It is quite okay to continue with the allopathy medicine side by side with the treatment, there is no need to discontinue it.

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