A Guide To Distant Healing

A Guide To Distant Healing

Healing is a  natural process. It is performed through a healer who helps the recipient at a very deep level, and helps them to overcome with the pain. Many times healing can do wonders for your health. Healing gives a revitalizing effect and also helps to sooth our nerves. The effect may not be instant but it gradually happens in due course of time.
Some people are very natural healers, many are not aware of it. When we are sending blessings to a sick person, even  when they are not in your vicinity; this is because you are activating your fourth chakra which allows you to send your blessings.

For a skilled Healer Distant healing is not that difficult, all you need is a calm mind , a quiet place and a  desire to help others. Not everyone can be a healer. People with fidgety minds cannot become healers.  It takes a focused mind and a developed sensitivity to be able to send the energy layers of individuals.  Some healer can sense these energy layers with their hands and other can feel in their mind and body.

Our body is associated with different energies which vary in frequency and vibration. The most well known and perhaps easy to sense energy field is the aura. The aura helps us to receive messages from the internal and external field.

If you are receiving a distant healing, it is important that you relax and remain focused on the task at hand.  But in the end a skilled energy healing will make it easy for you, as her mind will help keep your mind focused and relaxed.

Some Of The Benefits of Distant Healing Are:

Reduces Stress
Helps you get a good sleep
Improves Immune system
Helps the mind in spiritual development
Help controls blood pressure
Helps the body in cleaning the toxins
Heals the body
Helps in developing vitality
You become strong mentally

If we are stress free and relaxed our mind works much better. Stress is the reason for lot of lifestyle related diseases. If you are stress free you can mostly keep these diseases at bay.  Distant healing is an excellent complementary treatment for anyone suffering from stress and chronic disease. When you have a distant healing you do not stop any medical treatment that you may also be undergoing.

Some Australian doctors are starting to see the benefits of energy healing as a complementary therapy that helps their patients.  Australia and many other countries have Doctor/Healer Networks.

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