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Energy healer in Australia

More to the point, what can energy healing do for you?

Evolve your mind, transform your world

You can find out just about anything with a Google search.  You can read a multitude of self-help books about other people.  However, information is just a bunch of meaningless words unless you know how to make sense of it.


Your shelves may already be full of self-help books collecting dust. Unfortunately, they didn’t tell you all you needed to know.  For this kind of information, you need to seek help from another real person.  Let’s face it, self-help is not all it’s cracked up to be.  We can all do a bit of this, and a bit of that, in the end we cannot do it all by ourselves.

Luckily you don’t have to.  Healing is probably just not your field of expertise. The good news is it doesn’t have to be. Fortunately Google can help you connect with someone like Shamarie who can help you.

Shamarie can help you and guide you as you seek to find the inner you, the real you buried underneath the feelings of confusion, anxiety, inadequacy and hurt.  Shamarie will help you release or change the energy patterns and structures that stop you from living the life you so richly deserve.

PHONE: 08 82783935

MOBILE: 0408 278 395

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The choice is yours; More of the same? Or a transformation? What are you going to choose?

Shamarie has walked the road less travelled of healing and personal development.  She walks her talk and teaches others her walk. Shamarie will gently and effective show you how to evolve your mind and transform your world.

Energy is a generic term used to refer to the intangible subtle substance that is at the foundation of all physical manifestation. Energy is a bit like atoms; you cannot see them with the naked eye.  However, some individuals can see energy.

Even though most cannot see this subtle energy the tell tale signs of its pattern and structure are evident in your health, your relationships and your wealth.

Our physical world is based upon energy structures and  patterns. Different structures and patterns produce different physical manifestation.  For example, it is the slightly different DNA of all living creatures that  create  the multiplicity of life.  Even though, there are billions of humans on the planet no two humans are the same.  Your  different thoughts, feelings and emotions among other things potentiate or down regulate your DNA structures creating your own personal energy signature.

Your personal energy signature is a combination of gender, family, societal factors and soul purpose.  Your energy signature is also influenced by your environment, what you focus on, your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, emotions and by the people  you surround yourself with.

When you engage in a healing session with a skilled Energy Healer such as Shamarie, she is using her advanced and highly evolved pattern recognition skills  to   discern your personal energy structures and patterns.

Once this information is obtained she can help you change your energy signature to a healthy, happier and more abundant state rather than how it is at the moment. Energy healing is more than just resolving old hurts and letting go of the past;  it is also about changing your foundational structures and patterns.

What is Energy Healing?

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